About me

Hi! My name’s Helena Real (she/her) and I’m Chilean (mostly fantasy) trans writer, editor, and translator, as well as a professional GM. I’ve received some minor literary awards in Chile, Spain, and Mexico. My stories have been included in a number of anthologies and literary magazines—under my deadname, including my first short story published in English, “The Sunken Temple” in Tales of Good Dogs (Onyx Path Publishing, 2020) http://bit.ly/talesofgooddogs

Regarding tabletop roleplaying games, I’ve authored the following:

  • Banshee is a Quickstart for Fate Accelerated about female avatars of Death given mortal vessels in order to preserve reality. It was published by Magpie Games in The Fate Codex Anthology, Year Two http://bit.ly/bansheetheincarnated
  • The Way of the Pukona is a World of Adventure for Fate Accelerated about Mapuche warrior-women in a Neolithic South America that was never invaded by the Spaniards! It was the winner of the “Best Setting” award at the Indie Groundbreaker Awards 2019 http://bit.ly/pukona
  • Ngen Mapu is a World of Adventure for Fate Core about powerful nature spirits trying to save the world by changing people’s opinions—and their hearts. http://bit.ly/ngenmapu
  • KNIGHTLY STARS is a tabletop roleplaying game about fighting for the love of Moon, The Renegade Queen. https://heylenareal.itch.io/knightly-stars

I’ve also written for various books for 7th Sea: Second Edition, as well as A Wanderer’s Guide to Limbos and Mirages for Afterlife: Wandering Souls and The Book of Rooms for Bluebeard’s Bride.