This is my first tabletop roleplaying game. Kind of.

For the longest of times I’ve looked at all these independent designers come out with these beautiful games every so often, each more polished and stunningly looking than the next. And, apart from buying and wishlisting them, I’ve only sighed and said to myself, “Some day”.

Well, now is the day.

KNIGHTLY STARS is the first time I’ve designed, edited, translated, and laid out a game. Although I showed Kate Bulloch an earlier version—that she graciously and sharply commented on—this game was one I pretty much gave birth and bred by myself.

I don’t know why I did it that way, but I did. I wrote it when I was in a liminal space—literally in between homes—and worked on it in bursts of creativity, making decisions as I went and trying to live with them and my own limitations in so many senses.

That’s why I say it’s my first ttrpg in a way. Because I had to teach myself many things, and I got to learn a lot about ttrpg design and myself in the process.

KNIGHTLY STARS is… rudimentary. Rough. I tried to put as much as I could in the limited space I afforded myself, but it’s still missing many things. Why didn’t I go longer? Because, for this one time, I prioritized getting something out instead of keeping on working on it until I grew tired of it. I, for once, renounced my endless quest at perfection and decided to do something small and humble and just put it out there. Let’s see what people think of it. Let’s see if someone cares.

Let’s see what other people tell me about something weïrd that I think that only I’m interested in and only I will like.

This is also the first time that I’m charging for something I wrote. For the first time, I’m looking to get compensated for my work directly, no publisher in between us. This is just you and me, reader and writer, gamer and designer. It feels weird, I’ll admit, but I also have to say that I smiled and celebrated when notified me that I had sold my first copy of the game.

In short: I feel happy. Calm. Like I did something good today. Something good perhaps only for myself, mind you, but that’s kind of important too, isn’t it?

Anyway: I’ve rambled and digressed enough. If you want the game, it’s 3 bucks here. If you’re my Patreon at the Heroes or higher tier, you get it for free. If you want to get me a Ko-Fi, you’ll get it too. If you want it and don’t have the money, contact me. I’ll send it to you, no questions asked.

If you read it or play it, please let me know here or on Twitter. I’d love to know your thoughts and experiences about it, whether “good” or “bad”. As long as you’re cool and not try to hurt me out of spite, envy, or any other bullshit, all comments are welcome. Fuck respect. We probably don’t know each other. If you’re shitty but honest, at least I can get something out of your shit—a “diamond in the Scheiße”, so to speak—so I can improve in the future.

Thanks a lot. 

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